I have been with Dr. Paula for 4 years and have loved getting adjusting ever since. I came in originally for a stiff neck and I cannot be more thankful it happened.  If I never had that stiff neck, I would have never come in but I’m glad I did. 


What I know now is that you don’t need to feel any pain or symptom to go to a chiropractor because we have subluxations and don’t even feel them.  When we have subluxations, our bodies are not functioning at our 100% best.  When I get adjusted I feel like my spine has been relieved of all my stress that has built up and I gain life again.  I can honestly say I haven’t been sick in 2 years and I work with children! 


Chiropractic care is for every person of every age, no matter if they feel pain or not.  Make the natural choice and choose Chiropractic Care!


- Kelli














More testimonials to follow...